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Welcome to Publocation.

This is a blog for any and all lovers of the institution of good drinking in great places. It attempts to serve as a beacon for all that is right about the beautiful global convention of meeting in comfortable surrounds and consuming intoxicating liquor with a select group of worthy friends.

Our mission statements:

1. We will accurately recommend, refer, repudiate, suggest, scorn, enlighten, promote and abuse all that we come across with the aim of showcasing the best our fair Isle (and the odd distant shore) has to offer in venue, drink and food to local and traveller alike.

2. We will accept no bribe and give no quarter in making our recommendations, we have no agenda other than honesty and accuracy (and finding increasingly desperate reasons to go down the pub more often).

3. We will venture out, to this end, EVERY week. Hell, high water, locusts, whatever.

4. We will clearly revise these mission statements, without notice, at the drop of a hat, as and when we see fit, to suit whatever we feel is in our best interests at the time.

This is Publocation.

Let’s get on with it.

Bobby & J


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